Our story


Marriage ceremony between Gilbert Veyrard, French national, and Hira Devi, native from Naggar village.

1982 - 1992

Successive births of our 4 daughters, Isabelle, Marielle, Eva, and Aline. During that period, we created The Destitute People Welfare Society, 

to alleviate the various social problems in the village (food, clothing, etc.). We also developed a collective farming project (Agriculture and Livestock), 

to produce wool, connected to a handicraft group, in order to undertake a long-term action against precarious conditions.

1990 – 1992

A favourable economic situation due to the tourism development in our region, Himachal Pradesh, thanks to the rapid growth of communications 

roads, telephone, medias we are able to officially open the Alliance Guest House, with 4 rooms.

1992 - 2002

During this period, the Alliance Guest House welcomes over 3000 visitors. Over the time, we extend and improve our room numbers and standards.


Marriage of Isabelle, our eldest daughter.

2002 – 2010

Due to increasing requests, we launch a new project: build 4 extra rooms with improved facilities, and a spacious multipurpose hall. 

This project has now been completed. During this period, our three other daughters got married; 

Marielle (2003), then Eva (2007), followed by the youngest, Aline, in 2010.

Our commitment


Our foremost wish, at the Alliance Guest House, is to remain true to the spirit of a family hospitality.

Thanks to our range of accommodation suiting all types of budget, we take pleasure in welcoming, with professionalism,

individual or group trekkers, budget travelers, artists and adventurers,

families with children, package tours, pensioners, couples or singles. 

Our multipurpose hall allows our guests to meet and make friends in all simplicity.